Elite Water Reviews

If you need water quality testing for your home, let our professional technicians come and test your home’s water for free. Click the button below to fill our our form to book an appointment today!

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Elite Water Reviews

If you need water quality testing for your home, let our professional technicians come and test your home’s water for free. Click the button below to fill our our form to book an appointment today!

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Elite Water Reviews & Testimonials

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I live in Hubert and had this installed.  The people were absolutely great.  I love the taste of the clean water, but even more, I love the feel of the new water.  My skin has actually cleared up because of it.  Thank you!!!

- Frederick V 12/30/15

We can tell a big difference in our skin. Great system love it! -Millie T. 12/14/15

We have enjoyed our water system so far.  We can tell an improvement with our shower,clothes and drinking water. Installers were timely, friendly and  helpful. The system is pricey but we hope to find the benefits worth it. - Danny and Sharon S. 12/7/15

I am very pleased with my new elite water system. The service and testing by Josh were top quality. We purchased the system and the next morning it was installed and working great. After seeing how bad our water really was this purchase only made sense. The lifetime warranty and take as you move makes it a great investment as well. -Michael & Alyssa 11/22/15

I was surprised that the elite water worked so well.  It made our skin soft, clothes softer, and cleaning the house so much easier.  Thank you for introducing us to a wonderful product. - Joyce C. 10/25/15

It is amazing how Elite water has transformed my household water: our clothes are cleaner, drinking water looks good and clean.  When I wash my classes it surprises me how clean they look.  I did not know what I was missing before installing Elite water. I would recommend it to anyone. - Mary from Wake Forest 10/12/15

I absolutely love my system!  Elite Water has helped so much with my Son’s edema!  I would recommend them to anyone - Amanda in Knightdale, NC 10/9/15

So far we like the quality of the water.  I’m not noticing the yellow rings returning and the water does have a different taste which is makes the coffee taste much better.  The staff that installed the system was very professional. - Joyce and Danny 12/28/15

Elite Water System has been a dream come true.  Softer, cleaner and tasty water for our entire household.  We recommend it for everyone. -Willie and Viviette 12/15/15

We are very happy with our Elite Water system. The testing and installation personnel were very professional. Everything went smoothly. We can feel the change in the water. It makes our skin feel softer. I only use half the soap in our laundry and I really get less lint in the dryer. The water also tastes better. - Jean in Louisburg 12/2/15

We love our Elite water system. I’m so happy with the way my clothes come out cleaner and my dishes too. I’ve also noticed my skin is softer feeling as well. Plus the everyone was very helpful. -Ann 11/11/15

Everyone we came in contact with at Elite was so joyful and helpful.  Most of all our water taste  great!!!! - Viola 10/14/15

We were amazed at the difference with the Elite Water System. Love the cleaning products that work with our clean clear water. - Becky Swinson 10/12/15

I was skeptical to have someone in my home. The Technician that came to my home was top notch and not pushy at all!  I decided to get the system, especially with the amazing program they offered. I’m very happy so far with everything they did. The Install team was excellent!  The Customer Service after the sale was amazing!  Such a refreshing thing to find a company that is professional, on time, and knowledgeable. Thanks Elite Water Systems of the Triangle! -Eric Boseman. Raleigh, NC 10/9/15

Our system is great.  The water tastes so much better than it did before and it is nice knowing that we can take it anywhere. - Theodore Karp 10/5/15

Love our Elite Water system. So excited that if/when we move we can take it with us! -L. Timothy 8/19/15

Our water taste and smell so much better. We just love our system! - The Threatts 7/10/15

I purchased a whole house water purification system 6/2/15 and LOVE it! I am seeing more advantages everyday to being free of horribly hard water! I  have suffered its consequences for >23 yrs and I am overjoyed to be free! -K. W. 7/5/15

I decided to purchase a system for my water issues.  This wasn’t a purchase I had thought about before but once I saw the results, so many things made sense.  My skin conditions have cleared up and are 90% gone away, my teas and coffee are much better, I use so much less detergents.  This company is TOP notch and I would recommend them to anyone in the future.  The service was amazing as well. -M. Bruton 2014

I recently had my systems serviced by Elite.  The Service Manager was so nice (Russ) and knowledgeable.  He took his time and explained everything he had done and was going to do.  We are very pleased with our systems (had them for 2 years now) and would recommend this company to anyone.  They don’t just care about getting your business, they care about keeping your business. What I was most impressed about was that they didn’t try to “up sell” me on products that I didn’t need or want. I’ve recommended several friends and they are all very happy with their purchase as well.  This is a great company! -Jason & Mattie 03/15/2015

My experience with the company has been PERFECT! Our hair, clothes and skin are so much softer and cleaner. My husband even uses less coffee. The gift card I was given was amazing…I used it at 3 different restaurants! The install staff and follow-up was on point. I would recommend this company and product to anyone who cares about their family, health and home. -Mrs. Smith 05/02/2014

Customer Testimonial

I work in the medical field so was already pretty knowledgeable about the effects of chlorine on the body.  My husband and I searched around and finally decided to take the “plunge” into clean water and a healthier lifestyle.  We looked at water softeners at Lowes and Home Depot, but those had to be installed by us and only had a 1 year warranty.  We felt that, when dealing with your health, you should spare no expense.  We also looked at other softeners and competitors and found out that they seemed all the same.  Then we did some research and found all the positive reviews for this company and product.  We called and someone was sent out the next day, tested our water in front of us, showed us the differences between a typical water softener and a water treatment system (there were ALOT) and we made the decision that night.  Our system was installed the next day and we could tell results immediately….too many to list…..softer skin, not as much detergent, foods tasted better when we cooked at home, and we love the soap products that come with the system.  To anyone who is “price shopping”, remember this…..don’t put a price on your health.  This system is the top of the line and delivers the top of the line results as well as the company.  Everyone from the receptionist who answered the call to the Installer who installed our new systems seemed to roll out the “red carpet”.  It’s so nice to be treated so well by a company!  Thanks Elite Water. -Jessica and Tim 02/10/2015

I just took my first shower since the system was installed. All I can say is WOW. What a difference. I would recommend this to everyone. Thanks Elite Water!!!! -Happy in Wilmington, 04/12/2014

We had a wonderful experience. The gentleman who tested the water was very informative and easy to talk to. The company made it a point to be sure that my husband was home for the testing. Thanks so much! -sjberry22 02/12/2014

They came out to test our water, we got a $100 voucher for gift cards to various restaurants of our choice that participate in the program. They’ll give you a pretty long presentation where they’ll show you how unpure your water is, and go over the benefits and negative of their system. Everything they told us turned out to be true, everything they said it would do it did, just be aware that not all of the positive results might not be obvious but they are there. I did my own personal experiment before posting the review and it turned out very well. I took two washcloths and soaked them in water. One in our old water, one in our new water a day after the install. Next I let the cloths dry. The one that dried in our old water was hard, like a piece of cardboard, the other was almost as soft as when I first used it. Even after being used in the shower a couple times on top of that, still soft. So the product works, everyone from the sales rep to the installers were polite and professional, a couple others even stopped by the house to say hello and make sure we were satisfied with the install and they have some deals that make the system, which is expensive, more affordable. So give them a chance, worst case you get $100 worth of food for a couple hours of your time. -Anthony 03/25/2014

We had the whole house system with reverse osmosis installed and we are so happy with the quality of our water; our skin feels so much better after showers – we actually can get some suds! Even our dogs love the water now. Good to know there is no more junk floating in our water! Thank you Elite Water Systems for contacting us – best investment we ever made! -Carol and Dennis Neil 03/13/2014

We got a great deal on this system and it works great! Our water has never tasted better. The guy who came and tested the water was a great guy. He was very knowledgeable and at the same time very funny and personable. We ordered the system the night he came and they actually installed 2 days later on a Sunday! Great customer service! They were in and out in a couple hours with no mess at all. -maflynn 02/12/2014

Just recently moved to NC and didn’t know how hard the water is and its horrible condition. We found out when Randy came to do the free water testing and we were shocked. Needless to say we went for the water system and reverse osmosis because we couldn’t bear the thought of us or anybody in my family, or friends coming to visit, drinking all that nastiness. Goodbye dry skin and welcome better health and peace of mind. And savings with the Natural Visions products. Thanks to Jim for the prompt (next day) installation and wonderful customer service all around. -dptorico 01/20/2014

We were looking for better water for my son niece and our family, and we found it with elite water. We got the water filtration system and we also got the reverse osmosis. The service before we got it and while they were putting it in was amazing. They were explaining what everything was and how to use it and what it does. Our products are wonderful we never want to get rid of it! Make sure you get good customer service! -the Elmore Family 01/13/2014

We recently bought a new house and was asked if we wanted them to come test our water just for our benefit and there was no requirement to purchase anything. We knew our water was bad but didn’t realize just how bad it was. Getting this system has made a world of difference in our everyday living and we are using so much less soaps and detergents. Great choice we made and will keep it and let others know how good this is and the difference it has made for us. -M and N 01/06/2014

A lady named Amber came to my home and showed my family how dirty our water was. She conducted many water tests to determine the level of chlorine, pH, etc. I was really disgusted seeing how dirty my water actually was, even my filter for my sink in the kitchen produced dirty water. My family and I collectively decided that we would get the water system because even touching that water made me cringe. An installation man and his son came out to install the system. They were very friendly and fast. The installation man was very detailed with his instruction about the system and answered all the questions I had asked. I can definitely see a difference in everything that touches my water now. I even enjoy drinking water now because it is so clean with the “pool” taste. Please get this water system; it is definitely an investment. -PBO 03/24/2014

I live in Brunswick County and was visited by a tech named Mike. He was so friendly and knowledgeable. This was something that had crossed my mind in the past as far as what was actually in my water. We get water reports from the County monthly and even a few “boil water alerts” from time to time so I knew the water wasn’t the greatest. I decided to purchase the product after seeing such great reviews on-line. I’ve had the system for 2 weeks now and WHAT AN AMAZING PRODUCT! The installers were here early the next day to install my system and I have been super pleased with the product as well as the company and customer service they provide. For anyone who is “on the fence” and thinking about this investment…..you will NOT be sorry. I am so pleased that I did it and this has been the best investment I’ve ever made. 5 stars PLUS! -Alexandria 03/04/2014

My daughter has eczema that was a constant irritant at the best of times. We were amazed at how quickly relief came with our new water treatment system in place. That alone is worth my rating. But beyond that the people were kind, courteous and professional. I did not feel pressured at all by any one to buy and my water tastes great! Thanks Elite Water! -Michael 04/08/2013

We recently installed the water system and couldn’t be happier! The installation took only a few hours, the day following our purchase. Financing was easy! We noticed an immediate difference when showering, as both our hair and skin feel so much softer. It no longer smells as if you are showering in pool water. The taste of the water is great! I have drunk more water in the last few weeks than I have in the last few years. I would highly recommend this system to others! -Nadene T 12/25/2013

I can’t say enough about this product and company. My daughter’s exema is almost 100% gone!!! That alone is enough for me!!! If you are looking for a great company with a great product…..this is it! You won’t be sorry. -Amazing Water and Company 05/02/2013

Sarah came over and showed us just how bad our water “was.” Our water tastes much better now and we are using much less soap products. No more dry skin. Thanks Elite Water! -T and M 02/18/2013

This is one of the best investments a home owner can buy. I am completely satisfied in purchasing the Elite Water System. Dixie Crystal salt rocks works the best. You can buy a new battery from Wal-Mart for $1.25. -Memphis 12/15/2013

Our water for what we thought was good for us. turned out to be very bad, and gross. We were extremely please with Justin showing up at 7:30 when our window time was 7:30-8:30! He was very nice, and very informative! He seems to know exactly what he was talking about which is a plus! So we decided to get the water system, and again our window time was 1:00-3:00 amazingly the gentlemen showed up at 12:15! they got right to work! Very polite people! We are pleased with the new water, tastes and smells better! And cleans clothes and dishes much better! Thank you Elite Water Systems! HAPPY CUSTOMERS OVER HERE! -Shelya 12/10/2013

Our water, we thought, wasn’t that bad. As it turns out, it was off the charts hard. I was kind of disgusted when I saw the comparison between the treated water and untreated. After inviting our representative to join us for dinner and he answered all of our questions, it was an easy decision to choose our water treatment system. It’s still taking some time getting used to washing my hair but overall, we are happy and so are our dogs. We are pleased to notice the dog water isn’t cloudy or yucky looking. I would recommend, especially if anyone has concerns with their water, to please get your water tested and consider investing in this water system! -Teresa 12/05/2013

When we had our water checked we knew it was hard but didn’t think it was as bad as it was. The odor of the water was pretty nasty and when the tests were ran we were extremely surprised. To think we were using that water to bathe, cook, clean is pretty gross. The decision to get the system was easy despite the cost and with the payment plan it seems a really good investment on our health. Goodbye nasty water and hello pure. The dealer was very professional and the system was installed the next day. We are very pleased with it. -Jenn 11/26/2013

We didn’t really know what to expect when we had the water tests done. Come to find out our water was terrible – but what water isn’t in north Carolina?! We decided to go with the elite water system. Both being Marines and active, we drink water a lot. Especially now that I am pregnant. We are so pleased with the difference after getting our system installed. Highly recommend! -Faith P 11/05/2013

Like most we were interested in the test done on our water. We knew that it had a funny smell, but we didn’t realize how bad it really was. When Amber preformed the test for chlorine, she couldn’t believe the results. She said they were the worst she had ever seen. I think that was what made our decision for us. Todd was very helpful working with us to make it fit into our budget. The system was installed the next day. It is well worth the expense. Want to give a big Thank You to Jim(installer), Amber and Todd. Greer 10/30/2013

I am so glad we made the switch to cleaner water. We are so happy with our water now and it tastes so good!!! -Leeper 10/27/2013

I just want to say this is a great purchase. Cleaner water, free cleaning products, and a better feel of health safety for me my family and I. Just a smart choice! -Isaac 12/28/2013

LOVE my water now. 🙂 I can deffinetly tell a difference in my water. So glad Charity came to my house and showed me how nasty my water was. She was right..I wouldn’t be disappointed. She was so funny and friendly!! I would deffinetly recommend getting elite water! Cheyenn S. 09/23/2013

We just built a new home in 2012 and instead of city water had a 200 foot deep well installed. I was not happy with how hard our water was, turning my hair orange and it felt as though the soap just stuck to my body. When Elite Water visited and did the hard water test, my water was so hard, their test kit wouldn’t work. I definately needed this water system! I purchased the system and LOVE MY WATER now!! After taking a shower I feel so clean and my skin is so soft, my hair is amazingly soft and I love the taste of the reverse osmosis water! I couldn’t be happier with the service of this company and the product they deliver. The installation process was so quick. An added bonus the the HealthyLiving 360 products I receive FREE!! They are awesome products and I’m helping the environment by not having to purchase and throw away countless plastics from the grocery store. As a whole, I would recommend Elite Water Systems to anyone that has a new home or older home for that matter. This system will protect your pipes and hot water heater for years. -S. Norris 09/18/2013

When Elite Water visited my newly purchased home, I had no intention of purchasing a whole house water system. I’d spent so much on the house already! As I listened and watched the water being tested, I was reminded of how a system like this had been on my wish list for many years. As an RN, I was very aware that our skin is our largest body organ and that more and more medications are now being developed to be dispensed in skin patches. It had always bothered me that I was cleansing my body with chlorinated water and I wondered how much of it my skin was absorbing. Not only that, but what about all the pesticide & other residues that don’t get thoroughly removed through our public water system?! I had long ago quit drinking tap water and I wanted to have my skin quit drinking it too. I took the plunge and purchased the system. I love my water! It tastes great and now that I’m used to the feel of it on my skin, I really love it. I am enjoying the HealthyLiving 360 products. Not only are they excellent products, but I appreciate the storage space that has been freed up because they are concentrated. It’s fun to walk past all those cleaning product aisles and know that I’m using an environmentally safe product line and I don’t have to spend money on that stuff for quite some time. As for Elite Water Systems, I was very happy with their responsiveness and professionalism. We had a couple of minor glitches along the way, but what’s most important to me is how challenges are fixed. The owner wanted everything done right and to my satisfaction and her follow through was very much appreciated. I would recommend them highly. -RNalways 09/18/2013

Based upon the water test performed on our water, our water was in pretty bad shape (according to the test, downright unhealthy). Because of my husband’shealth issues we decided to purchase the water system. The technicians were very polite and knowledgeable. The water feels very soft on your skin when showering. Antionette 06/13/2013

This water system is beyond worth its money. SURE it sounds expensive but over a lifetime, you cannot put a price on your health. The water makes your skin feel amazing, hands, body, taste. TASTE is amazing! I often fill my water bottle up throughout the day…after one day of doing that—i started bringing multiple bottles with me because I could taste the difference. It has improved my already amazing cooking. Just knowing my children are drinking much better water-makes the payment feel less guilty and more of an investment. -Sarah 08/27/2013

We just got our water system put in almost a month ago and we love it!! It is definitely worth the money! You can notice the difference when getting out of the shower in how your skin feels and when you cook with it. I definitely recommend this to everyone! 🙂 Not to mention the woman who came out to talk about it was very informative as well as the installers! -Vanessa 08/22/2013

At first I had Elite Water come out to test my water so I could receive the $1000 in coupons booklet, but after they showed me what was in our water, and with us having a one-year old son in the house, we had to get the system. I felt like it would be unfair to our child if we did not purify our water for his sake. Our water was absolutely disgusting and I had no idea it was bad as it was until Elite Water showed us. It seems expensive, but when they break down how much you will save, the system actually pays for itself. It is definitely worth considering, and the staff was extremely knowledgeable -Nicole Taylor 08/05/2013

Service was great. Our system was installed quick and easily and explained to us thoroughly. They worked with us on the payments to make it a bit easier. I love having clean water now. It really does make such a big difference -1994 08/13/2013

Elite Water Systems of Jacksonville is great. The employees are all very polite and helpful. The installers were great. Explained everything, answered questions. Very nice. (Took their shoes off at the door, even though it wasn’t necessary) Even when my husband called back to ask questions they were very patient and understanding. Great company and great product. So glad we decided to get this water system! Thanks Breanna, Suzanne, Dewayne and Alex and everyone else that helped us with this great purchase and provided great customer service. -Peter and Amanda 08/02/2013

We had received a call about a free water test and figured why not, listen see what they have to say and no obligation of buying! Chance came out and had us laughing the majority of his time at our home and was very thorough in explaining what steps he was taking while testing the water. He went out of his way to answer questions, if he didn’t have a definite answer when I asked a question he made sure I knew before he left when he called in our water results. We had 15 grains per gallon and a chlorine level of 3.3 to 3.5 I believe were the exact numbers. I am all about soft skin and saving money why not make a life time investment that will move when we do where ever we do. We were truly sold with the lifetime warranty really being a UNTIL YOU DIE WARRANTY considering we are 24 and 28 we found this to be an awesome plus in hopes that both our families have passed on their living long live genes to us. Save money, make the buy. Dewayne and the two young men with him were super friendly with the installation and were done in a very reasonable time about 4 hours and even made arrangements to accommodate the placing of our unit since our house is on a concrete slab. They didn’t kill my flowers they had to dig a trench by and unless you were within 3 feet of where they dug up the yard you wouldn’t know any grass or dirt had been moved and put back. We look forward to our investment for our health benefits and to cut down on our money spent toward all the detergents, cleaners, shampoo, conditioner and body wash down the drain. -Josh and Mary 07/11/2013

I never thought the water results were that bad. I just glad we buy this water system for our owm health. The services were great and quick. We are very happy with our system. 🙂 -Hiram 06/25/2013

WOW!!! is all I can say about the services we received. Justin was fabulous!!!!! The techs that came out the next day were fast with instillation and cleaned up after themselves!!! I love my new system and it seems our whole neighborhood did not realize how bad the water is out here. If you live in Brookstone subdivision the water is really hard out here. It is worth the every cent!!!!! Thank you to all at Elite Water you have made it a little bit healthier for my family!!!!!!!! -Worth Every Cent 06/25/2013

We bought our Water Treatment System yesterday, had it installed today, and moments after they left, following their speedy, quiet and neat installation, I took a shower. The difference was already noticeable and paying off! The water feels, smells, and tastes better! Great investment! I especially love that it goes with you when you move and has a lifetime warranty! -Schilling8110 06/09/2013

We have recently purchased the Avian whole water house system. We are very happy with the results! The system was installed the next day and the staff was friendly, courteous, and quick! The difference in our water is absolutely amazing. -Healthy Water 06/05/2013

We had no idea that the water was as bad as it was at our home and that it could cause all of the skin problems i had been experiencing at the time. We have had the system for a few months now and my skin problems have already improved. It is expensive,but considering it can be moved with you and used your whole life it was well worth it. It was a very easy process and installed the next day. -Madison 04/30/2013

When my husband and I were first contacted about getting a free water test, we said why not. It’s a new subdivision and you’d think it wouldn’t be all that bad. Justin came and started his tests, and showed us that there was as much sand and grit in our system as there was outside in our yard. There was also as much chlorine as 3 swimming pools. The selling point for us is when he looked at us and said your son has eczema doesn’t he? Mine had it too and it was from our water. In 7 months, his skin is completely clear. Though the system itself is pricey, the 5 years of soaps, detergents, and shampoo helps. I don’t have any sleepless nights thinking about all the money that we are putting into this because I know it is something great that will benefit my family. -Elizabeth Mondt 04/29/2013

Well, I was extremely hesitant on purchasing this system because of the price. Justin broke it down for me and my wife and it made sense. So I’m looking at it as a long term investment for us. But it was a great showing and really entertaining to have him show us how crappy our water really was. I could even taste how bad it was, now with the new system I don’t have to worry about that. -xxxfox69xxx 04/12/2013

Well we were contacted y Elite water system and we had no intentions on purchasing anything. We had no problem with the testing the water. But with my husband with his illnesses and all bacteria and stuff that showed in our water it alarmed me with great concern. that OWASA water would be so low grade. Justin showed us all that chlorine in our water. Now I know why our toilet get this ugly black fungus that grows and have to clean it often. I think Richlands’ needs to change the sign from perfect water to sewer water. But I am glad that we made the change and like all that was offered with the water system. Everyone was courteous and polite and very quick in servicing us. One day purchase next day out to install. Thank you to Justin and Elite Water System for improving our water quality. -Joann 04/04/2013

When we were initially contacted by Elite Water Systems, I was fine with having them come test the water but was honestly hesitant about buying a filter, figuring there was a catch or something. Justin came out to our house and was very nice and patient with us as he walked us through all the tests and what they meant. He explained to us the high amount of nitrates (fesces and other fertilizers) in our water was extremely high, our chlorine levels were basically the equivalent of a swimming pool, and there was so much sediment that when it settled it was piled in the bottom. I knew we had hard water, since i had to basically bathe in lotion after every shower, but I was still skeptical about the legitimacy of the tests. Little did we know, until we did some research of our own, that Onslow County was ranked in the bottom 20% in the ENTIRE COUNTRY for water and soil quality and toxins released in both. After Justin walked us through the amount of money we spent on bottled water, the additional money we were spending on all of the fabric softener and extra detergent we were burning through because of our poor quality water, and the amount of money we were spending on expenive soaps and lotions, we realized our terrible water was costing us a lot of money. Then we consider the ramifications on our health and that of our daughter. To quote a farmer who grows only organic crops and raises animals organically, buying organic is expensive, but last time I checked, so is cancer. So we decided to go ahead and make an investment in our health and bought the filter, which came with a lifetime warranty, and a multiple-year supply of detergent, soaps, etc. The next day the installation crew came in and were very kind and accomodating, waiting until I got home from work to walk both us through everything and re-testing our water. Within 2 days, our water was dramatically better both in taste and softness. Our skin was so much softer and over the next weeks even our health has gotten better. The staff, the service, and the products are all exceptional and we are very pleased with everything. Invest in your own health, it will be worth it. -JJ and G 03/15/2013

Elite Water Systems showed my husband and I what we were drinking and bathing with and the results were, for lack of a better word, gross. A water treatment system sounds expensive, but they actually make it very affordable by breaking down how your money is spent and how it could be redirected to having clean water. What I liked the most was that the information was up front; there was no beating around the bush. I really feel better now that we have clean water and I recommend it to anyone who owns a home to look into having a water treatment system put in. Because hey, you never know if you are drinking and bathing with pool water like we were. -xPlora505 03/08/2013

We didn’t really know what to expect when we had the water tests done. Come to find out our water was terrible. We decided that night that something needed to change. We have two kids and I drink mostly water all day. We got the whole system!! We are very pleased with our purchase!!!! The staff was great as well all very polite! -Keisha 03/06/2013

I bought a system from Elite Water over a month ago. I have to admit, I was undecided on whether to buy the system on the night that I had the tests done. I had looked for over a year and this system seemed to have the best warranty and the most “freebies” with it. The system was installed the very next day, which I thought was great. I waited a little over a month to post this review because I wanted to really give the product an accurate review. Wow!! I can’t say enough about the product, the cleaning supplies that I get for free for 5 years, as well as the customer service from the company. Everyone was very nice, courteous and helpful. I can honestly say that I am very happy with my decision and I’m glad that I did so much research on other products as well as the Avian product. I have recommended it to 3 of my friends and they bought systems as well and have the same comments to say. Perfect! -Sonya 02/05/2013

I recently purchased a whole house system, drinking system, and UV light from Elite Water Systems in Jacksonville. I am very happy with Elite Water and my purchase. I’ve noticed so many differences …. to many to list. If you are thinking about buying a system, this is the one! You will not regret it! M. Dean 02/05/2013

We purchased an whole house system from Elite Water at the end of last year and have been very happy with our purchase. Our skin is softer, our water based drinks are much better, and best of all I don’t worry about what my family is drinking or bathing in. I recommend this product and company to anyone who wants the best quality water possible. -Whitney 02/05/2013

We purchased this system so our family would have clean healthy water. The staff was helpful and courteous. So far we are enjoying our fresh clean water. We also have noticed that our skin is less irritated and out tea and coffee taste great when we use the extra filtered water. -JP Christen 01/24/2013

TheElite water system is flawless. After seeing what we were drinking we had no choice but to purchase this product. It was a great decision. The water tastes great, is free of any contaminants, and makes our food and water based drinks taste better. I would highly recommend this product to any one regardless of there current water quality. -Brandon and Megan 01/15/2013

The representatives were helpful and assisted my family during the entire process. The installation team that came out for the pump install was courteous, professional, and quick. -Josiah Haull 01/04/2013

Amazed by what was in our water! Every member of the Elite team that we met was friendly and helpful. Our system was ordered and installed in less than 24 hours!! We would highly recommend to anyone. -Jason and Rachel 12/20/2012