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With orders to excavate the coal ash sitting on their sites in April 2019, all six North Carolina coal-burning power plants owned by Duke Energy Corp. have quite the task at hand. Coal ash contains toxic chemicals, such as lead, arsenic and even mercury, which is part of the reason it has not been moved previously. These ashes have been piling up for years, as coal is used as a natural resource for energy.  

While the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality believes this is, “the only way to protect public health and the environment,” the risk may outweigh the benefits. In the past, there have been several cases of ashes being dumped into the water streams we drink from.

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Contaminated Well Water Makes Wrightsville Beach Scramble Before Summer Hits https://elitewaternc.com/contaminated-well-water-makes-wrightsville-beach-scramble-before-summer-hits/ Thu, 02 May 2019 19:47:20 +0000 https://elitewaternc.com/?p=11392 Can they fix it in time?

As most of our residents know, in the summertime, the population increases significantly in Wrightsville Beach, NC.

The problem is, because of water contamination with PFAS chemicals, in January one of the most utilized water wells for the area’s water supply was shut down. These chemicals have been released into the Cape Fear River and our area’s water supply for nearly three decades.

Other nearby water wells are still being used, but they also contained PFAS. These wells do not contain as many PFAS levels as the well (well No. 11) which is currently shut down.

WECT News 6 reported: Well No. 11 water test results in February revealed a total PFAS concentration of 621.16 parts per trillion (ppt). This level includes a concentration of 37 ppt for GenX, which is below the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services’ health advisory of 140 ppt.

The cause for this high amount of contamination? We are told Gen X contaminants in well No. 11 are most likely the result of its close proximity (within 3,500 feet) to a Recovery Well and an Aquifer Storage operated by Cape Fear Public Utility Authority.

Though water will be offered at a discounted rate to Wrightsville Beach, it doesn’t change the fact the water is contaminated. There is no timeline as to when well No.11 will be turned on again for public use.

Gen X contaminants are used in things such as cleaning products, foam firefighters use to extinguish fires, fabrics, packaging, teflon and paint. These chemical compounds could be a cause of cancer.

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